This page is dedicated to all of the deceased members and respected friends of the Diamond Fire Company. Their memories are held in the highest regard and they are dearly missed by the community, their family members and the present members of the company.

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Kelton "Kelly" Wentz - 1986

(Retired Fire Chief / Financial Secretary - Diamond Fire Company)

Sherwood "Bunky" Wentz - 2000

(Retired Assistant Chief / President- Diamond Fire Company)

Steven Ruch - 2002

(President/ Firefighter - Diamond Fire Company)

Senator James Rhoades - 2008

(Supporter / Friend of Diamond Fire Company)

George Pascoe - 2009

(Retired Fire Police Office - Diamond Fire Company)

John "Jack" Kelly, Sr. - 2009

(Retired Fire Chief - Western Salisbury Fire Department)

John "Jack" Kuller, Jr. - 2011

(Fire Chief - Lehighton Fire Department)

Robert "Bob" Walper III - 2011

(Fire Police Lieutenant - Diamond Fire Company)

Gary "Lumpy" Koons - 2013

(Retired Fire Chief/ Assistant Fire Chief - Aquashicola Fire Department)

L. Jacob "Jakey" Merkel - 2014

(Retired Fire Chief / President- Friedens Fire Company)

Robert "Bob" Benner - 2016

(Fire Chief- Whitehall Township Fire Department)

Clarence Reph- 2016

(Board of Directors Diamond Fire Co. - 60 Years)

William Ingles - 2017

(Past Firefighter - Diamond Fire Company)

When I am called to duty God
where flames may rage;

Give me the strength to save some life,
whatever the age;

Help me embrace a little child
before it is too late;

To save an older person
from the horror of that fate;

Enable me to be alert
and hear the weakest shout;

And quickly and efficiently
to put the fire out;

I want to fill my calling,
and to give the best in me;

To guard my every neighbor,
and protect his property;

And if according to your will,
I have to lose my life;

Please bless with your protecting hand,
my children and my wife.